The Games Prefer the Casinos
There are no in-game bets where the player has a mathematical advantage. If you are not one of the rare people who can count cards in blackjack , control dice in craps, know which video poker machines can be hit (with the perfect strategy), or play brilliant poker at the level of poker rooms the casino probably has some advantage.
Is There Any Exceptions
There are a few good exceptions and a few bad exceptions. The good ones include the option to “buy” the 4 and 10 from craps, the option to place or lay additional bets are available for players. Additional bets could be placed for roulette in the form of “Pass”, “Don’t Pass”, “Come” and “Don’t” Come”. The options of “Don’t Come” and “Don’t Come” are available for money bets.
The dangerous ones include all “pass” bets where an additional bet, special bet, bonus bet or side bet has to be added to traditional games, e.g. For example, in craps, the fire bet, in Pai Gow poker, the dragon bonus or the side bets in blackjack (too many to list them all here).

In conclusion, you just need to remember that any need to place an additional bet, even if that bet has a small house edge, means that your expected loss is higher. You will be better off if you do not place the side bets.
Comps Are Not Free
Casinos like to offer players comps such as free or discounted rooms, meals, drinks, shows, gifts, parties, golf days, etc. These comps depend on how much you bet, which games you play, how long you play them and how high Your loss expectation is .

You won’t get a single comp if the casino doesn’t think you’re worth it. What could this mean? Quite simply: If your expected value says that you will lose the amount “X” over time, 30 to 50 percent of the total amount would be amount paid in the form of comps to you. Most casinos will use their Comp formulas openly and honestly. Just ask!